Coca Cola M5 Bottle

The reverse design process

During this college based activity we were asked to create a veritey of surface designs for an unknown product which was later revieled to be a limited edition Coca-Cola M5 bottle.

During my rough workings I used a verity of materials including, photography, chalk, paint, ink, etc. to create an array of different pieces of artwork.

The concept of 'Reverse Design' was initially alien to me but quickly became one of my favorite units so far.

Rough Work

Rough Ideas Generation for Coca-Cola M5

The Rough Ideas Generation - click to enlarge

Flat Artwork

Flat Artwork for Coca-Cola M5

The final 'flat' artwork - click to enlarge

Bottle Views

Flat Artwork for Coca-Cola M5

A 3D render of the Coca-Cola M5 Bottle - click to enlarge

applications used

Illustrator Photoshop Dreamweaver